Time for a Barbecue?

There is something special about cooking and eating outside. Food tastes better and there is less washing up, so what’s not to like with alfresco living!

It is a myth that you need charcoal to perfect that barbecue flavour, the flavour comes from smoke from hot fatty juices. Smoke is produced when fat hits charcoal or the flavorizer bars of a gas barbecue. Delicious tasting compounds in the smoke float up and saturate the meat adding flavour.

Get the chemistry right. Make sure your barbecue is good and hot before you cook and it stops meat from sticking. As soon as the meat is on the grill turn down the heat and cook slowly to avoid burning. You are aiming to cook at between 140 and 165 degrees centigrade. This is the temperature where the Millard reaction rearranges the amino acids and sugars in the muscle meat to produce the quintessential browned colour and mouthwatering taste of barbecue.

Avoid over cooking at high temperatures - It will ruin the flavour and texture. You can keep the temperature stable by regular flipping of your meat. Experts can easily do this with one hand leaving the other free for a bottle of beer.

Visit Mappleborough Green Garden Centre for an excellent range of barbecues and fire pits ready to help make your summer more special. Visit www.taste.com.au/recipes/collections/barbecue for some great recipes for barbecues.