Mappleborough Green Redevelopment

Mappleborough Green Garden Centre was formally named Badger Nurseries and more recently Badger Garden Centre has always been heavily plant & customer focused. We are now an independently owned garden centre with a passion for plants and great customer service.


Since the centre changed hands in 2011 we have been planning many changes to improve the facilities and shopping experience for our customers. The plant manager and centre manager between them have 34 years’ experience working with plants in garden centre retail and the managing director himself started his business as a grower, so has a real passion and involvement in the business on a day to day level.

Development Phase 1

The first phase of the development was completed in Spring 2014- The newly refurbished plant area contains a full range of plants including shrubs, trees, climbers, alpines, herbs and the like, all displayed on a block paved site with a full range of pots running through the middle and a large handmade pagoda guiding customers round the displays.

Development Phase 2

The second phase was finished in March 2015.  A purpose built garden centre shop which houses a BBQ and furniture area, a full range of garden products including garden irrigation, fertilisers feeds, pots, propagation and tools as well as a new pet and bird centre selling everything you need for your faithful friend.

The shop extends to a canopy with a great selection of seasonal interest, including an indoor compost area making compost and aggregates dry, clean, and easy to handle, with pre-loaded trolleys and a carry to car service making a pleasant and convenient shopping experience.

Development Phase 3

In October 2015 we started the development of a lit and marked tarmac car-park and separate goods in area making the customers experience literally smoother. We planted the fence line with evergreens and native trees along the road side put in slow release drainage reservoirs and planted the carpark with low shrubbery divides.


We also started to dismantle the old greenhouses to make way for the final phase of the redevelopment.

The Final Development Phase

The final phase of the development started in January 2016 and was completed and opened on schedule in June 2016, a new heated and air-conditioned garden centre restaurant with views onto the plant area and different seating aspects including a comfy sofa area and a raised deck. We also have full customer facilities, a small outdoor children’s play area and a large card and gift area.

We also added a clothing store called Klass, you can read more about them HERE.

Thanks for reading!