Information on Compost

Did you know the compost you use can make a big deference to your gardening success? One bag of brown soil is definitely not the same as the next and knowing which bag to use can make you a gardening master!

We have the best compost choice for you!

Light or Heavy?

Peat-based composts are very light, open and ‘airy’. This makes it very easy for roots to push through and develop quickly. However, that light and easy to handle compost runs out of stamina. After six months or so it starts to shrink or break up and its ability to hold water and nutrients quickly reduces. Peat-based composts are perfect for young plants and summer bedding. As we are aware peat is a reducing commodity we have many peat-free and reduced peat products available and designed to give the same performance as peat.

Soil based composts are much heavier that peat. This is because the particles of soil and sand are much smaller, so the growing media is more compact. Roots will grow more slowly in heavy soil-based compost. Small particles close together mean more surface area and this is good at trapping nutrients ready for plants. They are also more stable and will not break down for several years. Soil-based composts are ideal for permanent plantings where your specimen plant might stay in the same pot for several years. 

This is a peat reduced product that uses quite sophisticated processes to turn renewable wood into a peat substitute. Adding John Innes helps give a more stable growing media making this a true all-rounder and best choice if you are only going to buy one type of compost.

This is a traditional peat-based compost and plants will establish fast. It is enriched with added feed and will holds water in dry weather. Good for young plants and summer bedding but not suitable for permanent plantings.

This is perfect for flowers, fruit & veg. It is a rich peat-based compost but 100% natural and traditional blend of fertilisers. So it is ideal for organic fruit and veg and has a great following of loyal users.

A lot of technology goes into quality composts and Mappleborough Green Garden Centre are pleased to offer a comprehensive range. This is how we would use our three best sellers:



Jack's Magic


with added John Innes

The Westland growbag is a versitile planting bag which can be used anywhere from a windowsill, a patio or a greenhouse for growing flowers, fruit or vegetables. It is filled with a specially formulated compost which is rich in potash.

Westland Growbag

A Final Thought...

Always use fresh compost in containers and pots. It is generally a small price to pay and ensures your plants start life in a clean disease-free environment.

Thank you for reading!