Grow Your Own!

As we near the end of April the days seem to go on for hours and stay warm well into the evening.  Although warm, glorious spring days are not as harshly hot as summer and this produces ideal growing weather:  It really is time to Grow Your Own!

Growbag Tray


Watering Growbags is notoriously difficult as the water just washes over the top and runs away well before soaking in.  The solution is Stewarts Growbag tray (2 for £10).  Use this and the excess water fills the tray. Be careful to avoid water logging to start with; once your plants are in full growth they will welcome a good soak.

Tomato Food


Like many fast growing and fruiting plants, tomatoes get thirsty and are hungry feeders. This is easily sorted. Growsure Concentrated Tomato Feed is a multi-test winning feed and amazing value at £1.99. It is high in potash which encourages flowers and fruit (so it’s great for flowering bedding as well as fruiting vegetables). Simply add a little when you water. 

A good place to start is tomatoes.  We sell many popular, and some more unusual varieties of tomato plant.  Plants are just £1.29 each or buy 6 for £6.  Three plants fit perfectly into a Growbag which is a traditional favourite way to grow tomatoes, and with the Westland Growbag at £1.50 you can’t go wrong.   

In the garden centre you will notice some large red potted tomato plants.  These grafted plants are choice varieties grafted onto a strong root stock. The grafted plant has the strength of the robust root stock and the taste of the selected tomato.  These stronger plants typically give 75% more fruit.  Once you try them, we are sure you will love them. 

Fresh Tomato Taste Tip

Favourite Tomato Taste

Warm and fresh from the garden – delicious. Never chill tomatoes, it steals the taste.  Crumble Stilton cheese and mix with chopped tomato, oil and a little basil to make a delicious and colourful salad.