Lawn Care Made Easy!

April is a good month for lawn lovers.  As the days get longer and warmer grass starts growing and your lawn should be looking green and healthy.  If that does not sound like your lawn, now is the time to act.  Follow our advice and you will soon have a lawn the envy of your neighbours. 

Over winter all of your lawn is weakened by lack of light but now it is regenerating and recovering and you can give it a helping hand.  Make sure any leaves or debris are cleared off it and cut back overhanging borders to let more light through. 

A thick mat of moss and dead grass (thatch) can stop water, nutrients and air getting to the root zone.  Use a wire rake to clear this away.  If you have a lot of moss use a lawn moss killer first, it’s much easier to rake out dead moss.  Neudorff Moss Control for Lawns is an effective and organic product ideal for this.

Now it’s time to add back some goodness so your grass will cope with regular mowing and thicken up into a lush green lawn.  Westland SafeLawn is a 100% natural lawn feed with benefits.  Added lawn seed will quickly thicken up your lawn; you can’t put lawn seed in most chemical fertilisers because they can overpower and kill the seed before it germinates. 

SafeLawn’s feeds are natural, safe and slow releasing and once they have done their job they will simply break down and boost the organic goodness of the soil.  SafeLawn also encourages and adds friendly bacteria that feed on and transform dead moss and thatch into nutrients. 

If you have bare patches a top dressing followed by over-seeding is required.  Top dressing is sandy soil that spreads easily over the lawn adding a healthy layer to over-sow with lawn seed.  Spread the top dressing more thickly over dips to get a flatter lawn.

6 Tips for a Green and Pleasant Lawn

  1. Rake off leaves and garden debris before they damage the lawn.

2. Heavy traffic paths get compacted       and muddy; use stepping stones.

3. Use top dressing to fill in           dips then over seed.

4. Grass use up lots of nutrients; feed        your lawn to add back goodness.

5. Never cut more than a third off     grass height; little and often is       best with the mower.

6. Leave grass longer during               drought to reduce stress on the     grass.