New pet centre gives the best for your pets!

Our new pet centre has everything you need to care for your pets and it’s a great place for owners as well!

From fun treats and toys to specialist food and nutrition we're sure we can help you find what you need.

Easy free parking will be a bonus when you want to save money by buying bulk bags. We have big bags of James Wellbeloved, Lovejoys, Chappie, Wagg and more. We also stock Cotswold Raw a range of premium raw foods that are the closest you can get to a dogs natural diet. When you feed your animal the best food for them, they will be happier and healthier. Not sure what you want? We always have staff on hand to help you.

Cat owners sometimes find unwelcome visitors are eating the food they put out for their cat. SureFlap can control entry to your home and is attracting a lot of attention with our customers. SureFlap recognises all common identification microchips and can easily be set to allow only your own animals entry. If they’re not microchipped you can use a collar tag.

One of our best sellers is the Hungry Hounds Biscuit Bar. You will soon discover which of these healthy treats are your dog’s favourites – though to be honest many will happily eat them all!

As well as dogs and cats we have sections to look after your small animal needs from rabbits to hamsters. These are often the first family pets we remember and they help children learn the responsibility as well as joy of pet ownership.