As we head into summer the risk of frost departs and light and warm days encourage plants to grow quickly. These conditions are perfect for summer bedding plants.  Summer bedding flowers its heart out providing a vibrant colour palette right up to the first frosts of Autumn and often beyond. 


It is always worth planting bedding, it brightens up your garden in the ‘alfresco’ season and encourages the buzz of friendly pollinating insects.  A lot of gardens lack colour once the fresh foliage and flowers of shrubs and trees matures.  Your bedding will provide colour strong enough to complement the sunniest days.

Plants for a bright and cheerful summer garden!

3 of the best bedding plants

Geraniums.  Or Pelargoniums are a favourite bedding plant well suited to pots in warm areas.  They tend to have bright, sometimes variegated foliage, that is as useful in a pot as the generally red flowers.  There are also delightful edible varieties, perfect to spice up summer cocktails!

Petunia.  One of the best trailing plants for baskets or containers.  The trumpet shaped flowers are prolific and come in a wide range of colours including blues and mauves that are great mixers complementing other colours in an arrangement.  For an extra special flower show pick a surfinia variety and get a torrential ‘wave’ of colour!

Fuchsia.  The first fuchsias were discovered in the Caribbean and today they can lend a tropical air to your English garden.  The flowers of trailing varieties look as if they are dripping down from hanging baskets or containers, whereas upright varieties will make excellent centrepieces for large pots and baskets.  Make sure you pick the right variety as they look the same when young! 

Top 3 Planting Tips

Our bedding selections are perfect for pots and baskets as well as planting direct into the ground.  Take a little care and you are well on your way to wonderful flowering plants all season.

Remember to water plants in well and repeat watering when you need to and particularly in hot dry weather.

Fast growing bedding plants can be hungry feeders.  Add a handful of Westland slow release plant food to the compost when you plant.

Always use fresh compost when planting.  Our Westland Multi-purpose with added John Innes is ideal and costs just £6.99 for a large 60 litre bag.  Buy 2 bags and you can have a 3rd free.