Summer Garden Care Tips

Here we share 10 easy garden care tips, most of which you can do at the same time as relaxing with a cool drink.  Summer gardening is all about relaxing and enjoying your garden with wildlife, flowers, friends and family.


Dead head early summer flowers to encourage repeat flowering and annuals, perennials and roses will all be encouraged to produce more blooms.


Trim lawns regularly, it makes the whole garden look neater and it is better for the grass than letting it go long before cutting.


Check for nesting birds first but trim hedges and in particular many evergreens such as box, privet and photinia respond well and thicken up with regular trimming.


Take summer cuttings, it is easy to propagate hundreds of your favourite summer plants including  most annuals and perennials like pinks, lavender, erysimum. 


Pinch out side-shoots on tomatoes and make sure they are well supported now before the tomatoes weigh them down.


Keep pots and newly planted plants well-watered, even when it has been raining pots are often in a rain shadow and dry.


Once you see the fruit set, it is time to feed tomatoes and other fruit.  Tomato feed is also excellent to encourage more flowers on summer bedding.


Look out for aphid and caterpillar attack.  Early action washing them off or using an insecticide can prevent infestation and damage.


Weeds are in full growth and a little regular weeding by hand or a squirt of weedkiller will stop them becoming established. 

Treat yourself to a trolley of summer flowering plants to fill gaps in your garden and you can enjoy them all summer long – they will brighten up your life!